Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Drains

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Many garages and basements have a floor drain. This floor drain is designed to catch water that may be on the floor and carry it out to the sewer line. Unfortunately, many people are unsure how to care for a floor drain or what to do if their floor drain clogs. Here are a few of the questions you may have about floor drains and the answers.  How Do You Care for a Floor Drain?

1 October 2019

How A Fireplace Can Add Value To Your Home

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Many homeowners are seeking new ways to increase the value of their home. Lots of people try to remodel their kitchens or upgrade their bathrooms, but adding fireplaces is also a valid option. Updating the fireplace or adding a completely new one can be a great way to increase the aesthetics and resale value of your home.  How Fireplaces Increase Value A fireplace makes rooms look more luxurious and elegant. They are able to offer a visual and functional appeal that you cannot do with decorations alone.

21 August 2019

Electrical Inspections & Repairs For Old Warehouses


Did you luck out and get a good deal on purchasing a warehouse at a low price that also came with equipment that is useful for your business? Do you know when the warehouse was constructed and how long the equipment was used by the previous occupant of the building? You may have gotten a great deal on the investment, but you might be concerned about the electrical aspect of the building if it is old.

10 July 2019

Science-Based Inspections For Your Commercial Roof


The integrity of commercial roofing is essential to the structural integrity of the building. Should a commercial roof spring a leak, excess inventory and other assets could sustain irreparable damages. The costs associated with a commercial roof failure are high, so it's always best to catch problems before they arise. Routine inspections will give you a snapshot of your roof's condition and allow you to determine if it is time to restore or replace the roof for maximum protection.

31 May 2019

Signs An Old Foundation Is Damaged: A Guide For House Hunters

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There are so many older homes on the market that simply need a little work to be restored to their former glory. Sadly, there are also a lot of older homes with major issues like foundation damage.  These homes are more expensive to repair than they are worth. When looking at an older home with the intention of buying it, you should always have a house inspection. But, before you even arrange for an inspection, there are some basic signs of foundation damage you can look for on your own.

22 April 2019

4 Tips To Dealing With Common Appliance Problems That Have Simple Solutions

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Sometimes, the problems with your appliances may not require the help of a technician and could be something simple like the water being turned off. The problems with appliances are often simple errors by the user that can easily be fixed if you know what you are looking for. The following tips will help you solve the problems with your appliances before calling the repair service for help: 1. Washing Machines, Dishwashers and Problems with Doors, Water, and Seals

5 March 2019

Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Two-Section Shampoo And Soap Niche

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People who install shampoo and soap niches into their shower enclosures often choose one-section niches. This addition allows you to easily hold the shower products that you use daily, as well as perhaps even add decorative elements that you'll enjoy seeing while you're in the shower. Another option to consider is a two-section shampoo and soap niche, which often has upper and lower elements. Before you talk to your bathroom contractor about adding such a two-section feature, here are some pros and cons to consider.

16 January 2019

What A Framing System Is And Why You Might Want To Incorporate One Into Your Building Design

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Framing system construction services provide the construction of framing systems that commercial property owners can incorporate into their new buildings. Framing systems require special work in metals, both light gauge and heavy gauge. If you are not sure what a framing system is, or even why you would want to make one part of your new building's construction, there is plenty of information to follow. What Framing Systems Are Framing systems are made of steel, copper, wrought iron, or other metals.

6 December 2018

An Overview of Cedar Fencing Material


If you are putting a fence around your yard, you'll likely want the material to add to the beauty of your home than be a distraction. Thankfully, there are materials out there that can do just that. Cedar fencing has a lot going for it, which makes the material an ideal choice for any home. Here is an overview of information about the material. Cedar Fencing Material Advantages One reason that many homeowners select cedar fencing material is due to its appearance.

23 October 2018

Refurbing An Older Mobile Home? Best Reasons To Install Vinyl Siding


Similar to the popular tiny house movement, a new wave of interest is occurring in another form of affordable housing—the mobile home. But many of those who are opting for these homes are not choosing new models that can be nearly as expensive as traditional housing in some areas of the country. Instead, these fans of frugal housing are choosing to purchase older mobile homes, often for less than the cost of an average used car, and then refurbish them, inside and out.

31 July 2018