3 Places Mold May Be Hidden in Your Home


Most people realize that living in a home that has mold is not considered healthy. Mold spores can be especially problematic for people who have allergies or asthma. When mold is obvious and easy to see with the naked eye,  homeowners typically have the mold removed promptly. However, mold is not always easily seen or detected, so you can have mold in your home without realizing it.

As a homeowner, it is a good idea to inspect your home regularly for mold so you can make arrangements for local mold removal services. Some areas where mold may be hidden include:

In Your Attic

It is not uncommon for people to not think about their unfinished attic, and many people can go long periods of time without ever stepping foot in their attic. However, a roof leak, no matter how small, can introduce moisture into your attic. When you combine the moisture with darkness and warm, stagnant air, it becomes a prime spot for mold to grow and thrive. A good rule of thumb is to take the time to check out your attic on a regular basis to ensure that an unnoticed roof leak has not caused mold to grow.

Along Window Sills

A lot of homeowners do not realize that window sills are a very popular place for mold to grow. Window panes are exposed to a lot of temperature changes between the indoors and the outdoors, which can lead to condensation forming. The combination of moisture and wood or drywall can eventually lead to mold growth if the issue is not addressed. Moldy window sills can affect the windows in your home, so prompt mold removal is essential. When it comes to mold growth along your window sills, your best bet is to have it professionally removed.

Under Carpeting and Carpet Pads

Carpet may feel great on your feet, but there is always the risk of mold growing under your carpet pad and even extending up into your carpeting. This could be due to condensation from a cold subfloor, or dampness from a crawl space under your home. Spills and pet accidents can also contribute to mold growth in carpeting and carpet pads. If you have one or more damp spots in your carpet, or it always has a musty smell, there is a good chance that you have a mold issue that needs to be dealt with. 


13 December 2019

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