How A Fireplace Can Add Value To Your Home

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Many homeowners are seeking new ways to increase the value of their home. Lots of people try to remodel their kitchens or upgrade their bathrooms, but adding fireplaces is also a valid option. Updating the fireplace or adding a completely new one can be a great way to increase the aesthetics and resale value of your home. 

How Fireplaces Increase Value

A fireplace makes rooms look more luxurious and elegant. They are able to offer a visual and functional appeal that you cannot do with decorations alone. Plus, when in use, fireplaces make rooms look more beautiful and inviting.  Additionally, gas and natural fire fireplaces can help reduce heating costs. This is especially helpful if the family stays in only one room most of the day.

Look At The Surrounding Area

When adding a new fireplace, you should consider the area surrounding it as well. You will be able to boost the home value even more if you surround the fireplace with similarly elegant designs. A simple way to make the area look more appealing is to add brick, stone, or wood paneling. Additionally, try to enhance the flooring by installing a tile mosaic floor or wood flooring. 

Consider Electric

Electric fireplaces are a great way to help the home look more modern. In recent years, technology has advanced and so have attitudes on electrical fireplaces. Many people now think they are a wonderful option to the traditional gas fireplaces. Also, they are a good choice for people in condos or rentals with more restrictive regulations. A major advantage of electrical fireplaces is that they have different flame color and sizes available. They can easily be customized to go along with the existing room design.

Choose The Right Mantel

Mantels for the fireplace were invented to make sure the smoke was caught by the chimney. A mantel can help keep the fireplace safe and clean. A badly designed mantel can be hazardous and cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, there are plenty of well-made mantels available in many kinds of materials. Marble is an increasingly popular choice for fireplace mantels as it is a classic material and matches many decorations. It has also been proven to increase the value of any homes that utilize it.

Fireplaces can make your home cozy and visually appealing. They are also a decent way to improve your home value. They are easy to install, add elegance to a room, and can help you save money on heating costs. If you'd like to add a fireplace to your home, then it is best to call professionals in fireplace installation like Southwest Brick & Fireplace.


21 August 2019

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