Science-Based Inspections For Your Commercial Roof


The integrity of commercial roofing is essential to the structural integrity of the building. Should a commercial roof spring a leak, excess inventory and other assets could sustain irreparable damages. The costs associated with a commercial roof failure are high, so it's always best to catch problems before they arise.

Routine inspections will give you a snapshot of your roof's condition and allow you to determine if it is time to restore or replace the roof for maximum protection. Science-based inspections rely on hard data to give you the answers that you are looking for.

Infrared Scan

Modern technology has made it possible for roofing contractors to conduct infrared scans of any roof surface. The infrared scan is designed to detect thermal anomalies. An infrared scan is invaluable when you are trying to decide if your leaking roof can be restored, or if you will need to find the money for a total replacement.

Wet insulation can be impossible to detect without infrared technology. Since insulation lies beneath the surface of your roof, the only way to determine saturation levels without ripping up the roof is through an infrared scan. 

Substance Analysis

The materials that are used to construct a commercial roof are not designed to last forever. Exposure to the elements, damage, and other factors can weaken the structural makeup of any roofing material. Although your roof might look like it is in good condition, weakened materials will eventually fail and lead to a roofing disaster.

A roofing contractor can take a core sample of your commercial roof and send it to a laboratory for analysis. This substance analysis will help you pinpoint exactly how much life is left in your roof to avoid the extra costs associated with replacing a commercial roof too early or too late.

Visual Analysis

While it might not seem like a scientific tool, a visual analysis can provide you with valuable data regarding the condition of your roof. A contractor will take photographs of your roof and complete a thorough inspection using his or her unique knowledge.

The photographs from multiple inspections can be compared to determine the rate at which your commercial roof is degrading. This type of visual analysis gives you the opportunity to make changes to your maintenance routine to extend the life of your roofing system, or invest in repairs to address minor damage before it spreads.

Science-based inspections are the best way to maintain the quality and performance of your commercial roof.


31 May 2019

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