Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Two-Section Shampoo And Soap Niche

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People who install shampoo and soap niches into their shower enclosures often choose one-section niches. This addition allows you to easily hold the shower products that you use daily, as well as perhaps even add decorative elements that you'll enjoy seeing while you're in the shower. Another option to consider is a two-section shampoo and soap niche, which often has upper and lower elements. Before you talk to your bathroom contractor about adding such a two-section feature, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: It's Ideal For Families

A big benefit of choosing a two-section shower niche is that you can divide the shower products that you and your family use. For example, if you and your spouse share the shower and each of you have your own shower products, you can choose a niche design that will accommodate each of your products. If you're taller than your spouse, you may choose to keep your products on the upper niche, while he or she can place items on the lower niche.

Con: It May Have To Be Custom

There are typically two different ways that you add a shampoo and soap niche to your shower. One is to buy a one-piece niche that you mount to a hole in the shower wall, and the other is to have your contractor completely build you a niche — with tile, stone, or other materials. Because a two-section niche isn't as common, you may struggle to find one to buy. This means that it may be necessary for your contractor to custom build this element, which can cost more money.

Pro: It Can Add Visual Interest

On its own, a shampoo and soap niche can definitely add a visual focal point to the wall of your shower enclosure. However, a two-section niche is more unique and thus can be more engaging to look at. Whether you appreciate the creative and custom look of this feature or you want to wow your house guests, a two-section niche can accomplish both of these goals.

Con: It Requires Twice The Drying

It's important to carefully dry your shampoo and soap niche to ensure that it doesn't stay damp. A one-section niche may take just a moment to wipe out after your shower with a towel, but you'll need to spend twice as long tending to a two-section shampoo and soap niche. If you favor low-maintenance features around your home, two sections may seem like too much.


16 January 2019

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