What A Framing System Is And Why You Might Want To Incorporate One Into Your Building Design

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Framing system construction services provide the construction of framing systems that commercial property owners can incorporate into their new buildings. Framing systems require special work in metals, both light gauge and heavy gauge. If you are not sure what a framing system is, or even why you would want to make one part of your new building's construction, there is plenty of information to follow.

What Framing Systems Are

Framing systems are made of steel, copper, wrought iron, or other metals. The metal is extruded, molded, or shaped into square tubes, and then welded together to create square, rectangular, or other geometric shapes. These frames typically hold commercial glass and/or tiled or bricked panels. The metal framing is extremely durable and able to hold glass while holding up layers of brick and mortar around it or additional levels of framing and glass. Most of the time, the framing systems are used on the ground floor as store windows, but they may also be used as the entire exterior of a building to create ground-to-sky windows and windows all the way around on every floor of the building.

Why You Might Want to Incorporate Framing Systems into the Architectural Design of Your New Building

Metal framing systems provide a lot of natural light into what would otherwise be a very dark building. When used as your primary storefront, you can subdivide the glass in a number of ways to create interesting and decorative visual effects. For example, if you select tall, rectangular framing systems to front your store, you can change the framing so that the rectangles are split horizontally or vertically into thirds. Smaller panels of glass are installed, creating visual division wherein you can display mannequins or horizontal displays of whatever your store sells. 

Should you choose to construct a building that has multiple stories, and you want every part of the exterior to have a metal framing system, the system is more basic. Some variations can be made as add-ons on the ground level or at the roof level to create visually unique and interesting features. The higher the structure goes, the more your building will depend on and require heavy gauge metal framing. Lightweight metal framing is meant for ground floor and simpler structures with little weight sitting on top of the metal framework system. Talk to a contractor and an architect to see how you can use metal framing in your building.


6 December 2018

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