An Overview of Cedar Fencing Material


If you are putting a fence around your yard, you'll likely want the material to add to the beauty of your home than be a distraction. Thankfully, there are materials out there that can do just that. Cedar fencing has a lot going for it, which makes the material an ideal choice for any home. Here is an overview of information about the material.

Cedar Fencing Material Advantages

One reason that many homeowners select cedar fencing material is due to its appearance. The wood can look vibrant, yet still have a natural look to it, which is quite the opposite of other materials like chain-link or vinyl. Since the cedar material is made from natural wood, you can also change the look of the wood over the years as you change the look of your house. Cedar can be sanded and painted any color that you want, or apply a stain to it that allows the natural grains of the wood to show.

Cedar Fencing Material Maintenance

Since cedar is natural wood, the material does require some maintenance to keep it looking great over the years. The main thing you'll have to do is seal the wood to prevent it from rotting. The easiest way to tell if it's time to seal a cedar fence is by splashing some water on the surface. If the sealant is still working, water should beat up and roll off the wood. If the fence needs a new coat of sealant, the water will absorb into the wood.

You will also want to take steps to prevent nearby plants from coming in contact with the fence since it can trap moisture on the surface and cause mold growth. Redirecting sprinklers so that they do not spray against the fence can also help protect the sealant that you have applied.

Cedar Fencing Material Cost

Cedar is considered a cheap fencing material, with a cost that ranges between $10-$20 per foot of fencing material. Of course, it is hard to narrow down the exact cost of your fence without consulting with a local fencing contractor, such as City Wide Fence Co. They'll come out to your home, take measurements of the property, and let you know exactly how many feet of fencing material you need. From there, they can break down the cost into materials and labor, then they can let you know of modifications you can make to the fence to help bring down the cost and work within your budget.


23 October 2018

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