Refurbing An Older Mobile Home? Best Reasons To Install Vinyl Siding


Similar to the popular tiny house movement, a new wave of interest is occurring in another form of affordable housing—the mobile home. But many of those who are opting for these homes are not choosing new models that can be nearly as expensive as traditional housing in some areas of the country. Instead, these fans of frugal housing are choosing to purchase older mobile homes, often for less than the cost of an average used car, and then refurbish them, inside and out. If you have decided to purchase a pre-owned mobile home and are wondering what you can use to improve the exterior, the following information on vinyl siding may be just what you need. 

Vinyl siding can boost insulation values

While most newer mobile homes are designed with more efficient heating and cooling in mind, many of the older models were not. In fact, depending on the age of the mobile home you are purchasing, it may offer only a thin layer of insulation in each wall. Installing a vinyl siding product that includes an added insulation layer can instantly create a much higher level of energy efficiency inside the home. If the vinyl siding product you choose does not include insulation, it is still very easy to apply a thermal house wrap around the exterior before installing the vinyl siding, which will offer similar benefits. 

Vinyl siding can create a sound barrier

A significant number of mobile homes are located in parks and developments where their owners can pay a monthly fee for the space and some types of services, such as water, sewer, or trash. While doing this can be a great solution for those who cannot or do not want to purchase land of their own, it can mean living in a noisy situation. Installing vinyl siding, along with a thermal wrap or layer of insulation, over the existing metal exterior walls of the mobile home can provide a welcome barrier to outside noises and a more peaceful living experience for the occupants of the home. 

Vinyl siding can improve the appearance of an older mobile home

Older mobile homes do not always hold their value well, especially if the metal exterior has visible rust marks, dents, and scrapes. Installing vinyl siding is a fast, affordable solution to this problem. To learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding services for your older mobile home, contact a reputable siding contractor and ask them to help you choose the right vinyl siding product for your needs. 


31 July 2018

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