What's Involved In Repairing A Chain Link Fence

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The good thing about a chain link fence is that you rarely have to do maintenance on it. However, when a tree falls on the fence or a car crashes into it, it's time to have repairs done. Repairing a chain link fence isn't complicated, but the right tools are needed, and the work can be tedious. You can hire a fencing company to make the repairs if you don't feel comfortable sawing metal and stretching fencing fabric. Here are some steps involved in repairing a damaged chain link fence.

Detach The Mesh From The Rail

The chain link mesh fabric attaches to the top rail with metal ties. To detach the fabric, you untie each of the ties with a pair of pliers. This allows you to work on replacing the rail if it is bent or damaged, and to remove patches of damaged mesh.

Replace The Damaged Rail

The damaged rail has to be cut out of the fence with a hacksaw. Before it's removed, use it as a guide for determining the length of the new rail. One end of a chain link fence rail is crimped. This end slides into the opening of an existing rail. Line up the new rail over the damaged one so the crimped area is over an undamaged part of the old rail. Then mark the other end where the new rail will be cut.

Once the old rail is cut out and the new rail is cut to size, the new rail can be inserted. Slide the open end of the new rail over the crimped end of the old rail and insert the crimped end of the new rail into the open end of an old rail. You may need to remove more metal ties so you can lift the rail to make it easier to insert the new piece. When the rail is in place, you can replace the metal mesh by reattaching the metal ties to the rail.

Replace Damaged Mesh

If the mesh fabric is sagging or damaged, you can cut it out and put in new fencing. The mesh comes in a large roll and the fabric is slack initially. You'll need a fence puller to tighten the fence once it's attached otherwise the chain link will look saggy. The new section of fencing is attached by weaving the metal strands in with the existing fence and to the posts and rails. This will require cutting a section of the metal fabric from the roll. Repairing a damaged chain link fence is a job that takes two people in order to handle the materials so the rail and fabric can be attached.

When examining the fence for areas of damage, take note of scratches on the metal or vinyl wrapping. These should be filled in so the fence doesn't start to rust. If the fence has been damaged for a long time and rust is already present, remove it with a wire brush so it won't spread unless you plan to cut the rusted area out and replace it.

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