Recommended Roofing Removal Equipment And Tools To Replace Your Home's Roof


If you own a home, replacing its roof and roofing shingles is usually inevitable, as most roofing materials don't last forever. Keeping your home protected with an intact and durable roof is essential. Here are some types of recommended equipment to help you complete your roof removal and replacement in the safest way and to minimize your cleanup time.

Construction Dumpster

One of the most important items for a roof replacement is a construction dumpster to collect all the debris. Shingle removal creates a great deal of debris that has a good amount of weight, and as you remove the shingles, it is recommended to have a dumpster placed beneath your roof's edge for you to push off the debris for collection into it. This helps with cleanup as a majority of the debris will fall off into your dumpster.

You can rent a roll-off dumpster from a local garbage removal company, like the one represented at They will deliver to your home and position the dumpster in your yard beneath the edge of your roof. Talk to a representative from the garbage removal company to find out the sizes and types of dumpster they have available and what would be best for your job.

Magnetic Broom and Tarps

In addition to a dumpster, it is a good idea to have some additional equipment to help with debris collection. Place tarps over the lawn and flowerbeds beneath your roof edge around your home to collect debris that does not make it into the dumpster. If you have flowers and other vegetation growing around your home, you may consider using fabric tarps versus plastic tarps to help your plants breath while they are covered and not cause them to wilt from the sun's heat beneath the tarp.

Buy a magnetic broom to help with the cleanup of any metal fasteners that fall from your roof and collect in your roof's gutters during the roof removal. Nails and other metal pieces will fall onto the pavement, soil, and lawn of your yard during shingle removal and can be difficult to find, but a magnetic broom that you sweep over the surface will pick up all metals. Sharp nails and screws can pose a threat to bare feet and to your vehicle's tires.

Removal Equipment

Last, you want to make sure you have the right type of removal equipment to pry up the shingles and roofing underlayers properly if you will be doing the removal. You will need a roofing shovel, which has a jagged edge you will use to pull up shingles and pry nails at the same time. You may also find a pry bar handy — and a roof scraper or a pitchfork to remove the roof.


30 April 2018

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