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If you are looking to decrease the frequency in which you have to clean out your gutters, gutter guards may be something you are or should be looking into. However, if you these are not products that you are familiar with, you may have questions about them. Getting answers to the questions you have can help you to better understand this product, allowing you to decide if it is something you should have installed over your gutters. Here are a few frequently asked questions about gutter guards:

What Do Gutter Guards Do? 

Gutter guards are basically screens or filters that go over the top of your gutter troughs. When rain falls off of your roof, it will then land on the screen on your gutter. There are small holes in the gutter guard that allows water to pass through and enter the trough, where it can be guided to the downspout. But items such as sticks, leaves, and debris cannot enter your gutter system. This helps to keep this debris that can lead to blockages out of your gutter system. In turn, this reduces how frequently you need to clean your gutters and helps ensure they flow effectively. 

Do You Still Have to Clean Your Gutters with Gutter Guards? 

Yes. Gutter guards do not eliminate the need for cleaning. You will still have to remove debris from the top of the gutter guard. Additionally, while the filter helps to block out large pieces of debris, small debris, such as dirt, can still seep through the screen and fill up your gutter. As such, gutter cleaning will still be needed; it just won't be as often. 

What Are the Benefits of Gutter Guards?

The primary benefit to a gutter guard is the reduction of debris that ends up in your gutter. When debris ends up in your gutter, it can cause your gutter to become clogged. When this happens, water can overflow the trough, causing water to flow out of the gutter where it shouldn't, eliminating the benefits of a gutter system. Another problem with clogs in your gutter system is that this can be where ice dams first begin to form on roofs due to the slow flow of water. Lastly, clogs in your gutter system can cause your gutter system to sag or break. Keeping them free of clogs can help extend your gutter's lifespan. 

Gutter guards help to reduce how much debris gets inside of your gutter, which reduces how often they need to be cleaned. If you are interested in having gutter guards installed over your gutters, you can purchase ones you can install yourself at home improvements stores or a gutter repair and installation company can install gutter guards for you. 

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24 November 2017

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