Surveying A Piece Of Land Before Buying It

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Buying a large piece of land to construct a house on is a nice investment that can also come with downfalls if you are not careful. There are many hidden things that can come along with buying a large piece of land, such as the portion of land that you will actually own. Before determining if you want to buy a piece of land, hire a professional to perform a survey on it. The reason why is because it can give you more insight about what you are actually purchasing. This article lists several benefits that comes along with getting a survey done before purchasing land.

1. Learn Where Pipes Are Hidden Beneath the Ground

A big mistake when buying land is to not know where pipes are situated in the ground. The reason why is because it can make excavation for your project impossible, especially if the pipes must remain in the ground due to them being owned by the city. A land survey will not only tell you where underground pipes are located, but also what they are used for. You will then know if the pipes can be moved if it is necessary.

2. Find Out if Neighbors Can Walk Across Your Lawn

It can be annoying building a house on land that gives your neighbors the right to walk across the lawn. For instance, if your house is built near a street that isn't easy for your neighbors to access without walking across your lawn, they might have the legal right to do so. A surveyor will let you know if you will be in such a situation if a house is built on the land that you are considering. If there is always traffic on your lawn, it can lead to the grass not staying in good shape.

3. Determine How Stable Your House Will Be on the Land

Just because the land that you walk on seems stable, it doesn't mean that it actually is. It is important to know if your house will be built on land that won't shift and cause problems. You must also determine if the land is at risk for flooding, as too much water can also cause land to become unstable. With a survey, you will find out if the land is ideal for building a house on in regards to stability.

4. Verify the Exact Acreage that You are Buying

It can be difficult determining if a large piece of land is actually the size that you are being told it is by the owner. The best way to find out the specific amount acres that you are buying is to get a land survey. You will find out the exact boundaries of the land so you won't get cheated out of any acreage. The survey will also come in handy if you decide to fence your property in, as you can avoid putting it up on land that isn't yours.

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20 October 2017

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