Which Garage Doors Are The Best For Homes Close To Salt Water?

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Everyone dreams of living close to the beach, but having a home near salt water is not without its disadvantages. Salt is a corrosive element that can cause building materials to deteriorate rapidly and result in increased costs due to more frequent repair and replacement of affected items. If your garage door is showing the negative effects of the salty beach air, here is what you should consider replacing it with.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Metal and wood garage doors are not appropriate for beach homes,because they are easily damaged by salt water in different ways. Salt is extracted from the water via evaporation and scattered on the surface of everything within striking distance by the wind. When salt gets on metal, it acts like a catalyst, accelerates corrosion, and causes the material to rust faster than it normally would.

Unfortunately, wood isn't any safer, as the salt will pull out the lining in the wood's cells, weakening it and making it more prone to structural failure. Additionally, salt attracts and holds onto water, which can make wood doors more prone to growing mold.

You can slow the damage to wood or metal garage doors from salt by using special coatings and chemicals. If you prefer not to deal with the increased time and costs associated with this, the other option is to install a fiberglass garage door.

Fiberglass is a type of plastic that has glass fibers embedded into the mix. The slats are typically installed in an aluminum frame, and both materials are generally immune to the affects of salt water. Fiberglass can be made to mimic the look of other materials (such as wood and metal), can be insulated, and is highly durable. However, it is typically more expensive than other types of garage doors and much heavier. You will need to upgrade your hardware if you choose a door made from fiberglass.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Although aluminum is not 100-percent immune to the effects of salt water, the rate of decay is much slower than what occurs with steel and other metals. Like fiberglass, you can get aluminum doors that imitate other types of material (e.g. aluminum that looks like wood grain). This material is also typically lightweight and inexpensive, so you'll save some money when you choose this type of door.

One major drawback to aluminum doors is they're notoriously easy to dent, which may make your door look cheap if you get quite a few dings in it. However, there are kits and techniques available that can remove some if not all dents with a little bit of effort.

For more information about these types of garage doors or help fixing damage done to your existing door from salt water, contact a garage door repair company like Callahan Door and Window.


5 June 2017

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