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In areas where there is a lot of topographic relief, it is possible to have frequent landslides and rockfalls. These are a natural occurrence, but in areas that are being developed it is important that they do not happen. A landslide or a rockfall could be absolutely devastating to a neighborhood or a few homes. Depending on the scale of the landslide it can wipe out parts of an entire city. That is why it is so important to have geologists and engineers look at areas of development and find places that are completely safe of geologic hazards such as landslides. Here are a few of the practices that are used for soil stabilization. You can actually use these same practices on a smaller scale. 


Hillsides or mountains with a lot of topographic relief are one th most common areas to see landslides. It is very important that these areas actually have a lot of grass or shrubs. Trees and other plants are even better. The plants do a lot for soil stabilization. The roots go into the ground and stabilize the topsoil. This is extremely important when it starts to rain. Rain or any other type of water hits the hillside. The water decreases the friction needed to get the soil moving, but it also can add a great deal of weight to the soil. The two factors of weight and decreased friction will significantly increase the chances of a landslide.


It is very common to be driving and see a road cut that goes through some rock. The scary thing is that a lot of the time the rocks have become tilted due to erosion and earth movement. The tilt in the rock often will slant back toward the road. These are called bedding planes, and these can be points of weakness in the rock. If there is added weight then the rock can slip right along these bedding planes. The problem is they are going straight for the road. It is important that the angle of the road goes through as to not affect the bedding planes of the rock. 

Oversteepened Slopes

Often when building or developing a neighborhood they have to cut back into a hillside but the slopes are oversteepened. This is a very dangerous practice because that increases the chances of having a landslide. The gradient needs to be very manageable, and monitored by geologists and engineers to ensure that it is not to steep. 

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19 May 2017

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