Building an Apartment Complex? How an Engineering Contractor Can Help You

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Building an apartment complex from the foundation up is quite the task to take on as a contractor. You have zoning laws to consider so you don't build units too close to neighboring houses or apartment complexes and need to make sure the foundation is sound enough to withstand the heavier pressure placed on it by having multiple plumbing lines and rooms built upon it.

Hiring a contractor who specializes in civil works (and has a reputation with designing and outlining large structures such as skyscrapers or hospital buildings) can help make your project reach completion more successfully. Here are ways an engineering contractor can be beneficial to your company.

Blueprints that work

Engineers often use a variety of tools to help them create doable blueprints for large and complex building designs. Using a simulations and other computer-generated graphics, they can show you and the apartment owner(s) just how the completed project will look. Changes will often need to be made to encompass the client's budget and restricted zoning laws in the area, and the engineering contractor will be able to quickly fine-tune the bones of the project to meet all legal and client needs.

Sure foundation outline

Since an apartment complex is a series of homes all tied into one large building, the foundation will have to be sure and sound in all areas. This is something that is typically outside the scope for general contractors, even if they are skilled in building homes and larger construction projects. Your engineering contractor will walk the property and mark all areas where posts and support beams need to be in accordance to the layout of the property and the type of slope it has. The number of apartments and the sheer size of the building itself will also come into play to help them decide the best type of foundation for your project.

Reliable consultation

As your project gets underway, you may run into design issues with incorporating an apartment lobby with separate living spaces or in making sure hallways and balconies are wide enough for people of all abilities and/or handicaps. Most of the construction will be work you are very familiar with, other parts may require expert consult. When you have the engineer who helped design the building available for consultation, you can avoid potential repairs and do-overs that can be costly and time-consuming. Hire an engineer who can be available for assistance throughout your project and you can have your client's apartment building completed with fewer issues.

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26 April 2017

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