Learning To Set Realistic Expectations When Buying A Home

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When you are ready to buy your family home, you may have dreamed about the many different features you want in your house. But sometimes, it's also important to consider what your budget would do to your expectations. When you aren't quite sure that your dream home is within your budget, here are some of the questions you can ask yourself to see how realistic your goals are.

What Is Your Budget?

The first step would be to learn what your maximum spending limit is. That means applying for a mortgage loan. The mortgage advisor will take into account your income to come up with an amount that you could reasonably afford to pay down. While it's advisable to set your maximum spending at the limits the bank sets on your mortgage approval, there may be other resources that you can add to your loans amounts, such as family loans or savings.

What Are Your Most Important Criteria?

Next, set a list of your most important criteria for your search. That means, in order, what features do you NEED to be present in your next home? That could include the number of bedrooms or the minimum square footage. It could also include specialty features, such as a pool. It's important to give some thought to ranking these items for the next steps in this process.

What Is Available at Your Price Range?

Next, start looking at homes available in your price range. Start with homes that include your top item on your list of criteria for homes for sale. Are you seeing a decent amount of homes for sale? Great. Now add the next item on your list. As you filter through options, it's natural for the list to get narrowed down a little bit each time. But you can quickly see which items on your list are going to narrow your search the most. These items might not be very feasible in your price range. You could do a price check by expanding the search to higher dollar amounts to see what price range these features are found in.

Can You Recalculate?

You might find that you need to prioritize certain features on your list to make your home search more feasible. You could potentially leave some items off of your home purchase but leave room for them to be added on later. Or, you might choose to wait until you can make a bigger down payment or have a higher income to support your dream home.

Can You Build New?

Finally, if you have a set budget to get exactly the features you want in a home, perhaps you should consider new home construction. That way, you definitely won't be overpaying for features that you don't want in a pre-made home; every dollar will go towards design features you choose for yourself. And new home construction helps guarantee that you won't pay high repair costs in the near future, which means you can stretch your budget even further. Consider a custom home building company like Sherman Hayden Custom Homes for more information.


30 March 2017

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