Tips For Hiring A Tree Trimming Service For Storm Cleanup

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Tree trimming services usually bring to mind the idea of landscaping and removal of dead branches and limbs. You may not think of a tree trimming service for storm cleanup needs. If you have had a recent storm, then you may not only find you have issues with hanging and damaged limbs, but also with debris. If you are thinking of reaching out to a tree trimming service for assistance, here are some tips to ensure you get the best options for your current landscaping needs.

Debris Removal Options

Most tree trimming services will offer various forms of debris removal options. These options greatly depend on the type of storm debris you have. For example, if you have mostly landscaping debris such as leaves and limbs, then an option may be to have that debris turned to mulch. This mulch can either be given back to you and used in your landscaping projects or can be hauled off and used by the company. If you have landscaping projects, you may want to request the mulching service since it does save you money on mulch later, gives you a natural, ingenious mulch for your landscaping, and generally is done at no additional cost.

Drainage Cleaning

It may surprise you to find out that some tree trimming services do offer drainage-ditch and gutter cleaning as part of their storm cleanup packages. This service may not seem important or may seem like an unnecessary expense. The truth is, you may find that the storm carried tree limbs and other debris into your drainage areas and, due to the flow of rainwater, carried that debris down the pipes or system, causing a major blockage. You can remove this blockage yourself if you find it, but you may end up damaging the drainage paths. You can reduce this possible damage, clear the drainage paths, and ensure the debris is removed properly simply by having this service added to your storm cleanup request.

Storm Trimming and Examining

It is a given that the tree trimming service will take care of any obvious dead or hanging limbs left by the storm. What may not be a given is the examination of your trees during the tree trimming process. If the storm was extensive, you can have the tree trimming company check and examine your trees during the trimming and pruning to ensure the tree itself was not damaged. This can reduce costs later of having to have the tree cut down as well as the stump removal and grinding costs associated with this type of service.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure you are getting the right services for your needs. You can also ensure you are bundling services so everything you need for the storm cleanup is handled professionally in the same service date to reduce scheduling issues or leaving you with cleanup you may not be prepared to handle. For more information, check out websites like


13 March 2017

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