Constructing Your Own Modern Victorian Home

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Constructing your own home gives you the unique ability to customize the architectural features that will be included in the finished design. Working directly with the builder on a design build allows you to build the home of your dreams, even if homes of that style are not prevalent on the market.

Victorian-style homes are not being built by modern builders for the mass market, so working directly with a builder to customize your home will allow you to achieve the Victorian look you desire. Here are three features you should be sure to include if you want to complete a Victorian home in the future.

1. Fireplaces

Because homes that were built during the original Victorian era didn't have access to central heating and air conditioning, rooms within these homes were heated via fireplaces. If you are trying to construct a Victorian home of your own, then incorporating fireplaces into the floor plan can be beneficial.

Placing a fireplace in the living room, bedrooms, and even dining room will help you achieve the authentic Victorian style you desire. You can further replicate the look of an original Victorian home by adding an ornately carved mantle to your home's fireplaces.

2. Bright Colors

Thanks to the availability of dry pigments that could be used by individual painters to create a myriad of colors in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Victorian homes had a very colorful exterior.

If you want your new construction to be representative of a classic Victorian home, then you will want to replicate some of the historic paint schemes used during the era when Victorian construction was wildly popular. Consulting with your builder will help you identify a historically accurate paint scheme that will enhance the beauty of your newly-built Victorian home.

3. Decorative Trim

Another important architectural feature that Victorian homes share is the inclusion of decorative trims on the exterior of the home. If you are trying to give your custom designed home a Victorian flair, then you need to ensure that your builder is incorporating decorative gables, gable posts, and trims into the design of your home.

These trims, sometimes referred to as gingerbread trims, will give your new home the ornate and intricate appearance that traditional Victorian homes are known for.

Working directly with your home builder to design a custom home can be exciting. If you are hoping to create a home that is inspired by the Victorian era, you will want to incorporate fireplaces, colorful paints, and decorative trim into the design of your new home. For more information, contact a company like Lehman Construction Services Inc.


11 November 2016

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