Modular Homes Myth Busting – Three Things You Should Know

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Modular homes have been around for a long time, and one side effect of such longevity is a lot of misinformation gets spread around about the product. To ensure you make the best decision possible when shopping for and buying a modular home, here's the truth behind three myths about this home type.

Myth #1- Modular Homes Depreciate in Value

There is a pervasive myth that modular homes depreciate in value over time. One reason for this may be that modular homes are often confused for manufactured houses. However, the two are very different. Manufactured homes are built in factories and relocated to the site where they will be used. They are built on wheeled chassis that allow them to be moved to other locations as desired.

Modular houses, on the other hand, have rooms constructed in factories. These individual components are then transported to the land site and assembled onsite similar to Lego blocks. However, modular homes are built on permanent foundations, so the home stays where it's located even if the owner moves.

While manufactured homes do decrease in value, modular houses appreciate. This is likely because modular homes are nearly indistinguishable from traditional site-built homes. So you don't have to worry about settling for less when it comes time to sell your home.

Myth #2 - Modular Homes Are Half the Cost of Site-Built Homes

Another myth that is floating around in the public consciousness is that modular homes cost significantly (e.g. up to 50-percent) less than site-built homes. One cause for this myth is sometimes salespeople will quote prices based only on the cost of building the home. Unfortunately, the price of delivery, setup, finishing work, and other costs aren't factored in, and customers get a skewed idea of what they'll actually pay for modular homes.

That's not to say you won't save any money at all if you opt to buy a modular home rather than a traditional site-built house. Depending on the materials and home customizations, you'll pay an average of 10 to 35 percent less for a modular house (not including the cost of land). Additionally, you can save even more money by shopping smart as well as taking advantage of the many tax credits available to homeowners.

Myth #3 – Modular Homes Are Unsafe

Another persistent myth about prefabricated homes in general is that they are unsafe to live in. This myth can likely be attributed to the fact that modular homes are put together a little differently than traditional site-built houses. The reality that these homes are built in a factory may also contribute to the idea that modular homes are lower quality.

However, the opposite is true. Modular homes are very safe, and possibly much safer than site-built homes. Modular houses must meet the same stringent building codes as traditional homes. The major difference, though, is that modular homes are inspected for safety and quality at every stage of their construction and by several different people. The same can't always be said for site-built homes. In fact, traditional homes are typically only inspected once by a single inspector after the home has already been erected.

In fact, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has commented that modular homes are much stronger than site-built homes. One of the things the agency found was that modular homes were able to withstand up to 155 mph winds associated with a Category 4 storm.

Modular homes have a lot of positive features that make them a good option for both first-time and veteran home buyers. Don't let wild myths put you off investigating this option for building a home. For more information about modular houses, contact a modular home builder in your area.


8 July 2016

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