Improve Your Soil: Applying Compost To Topsoil

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In the end of the day, nutrients are nutrients. Plants will happily take nutrients in any form. However, how nutrients are delivered to a plant can improve the health of the plant and can also make the life of a gardener much easier. One way in which you can deliver nutrients to a plant is through using nutrient-rich topsoil. This has many benefits over the use of chemical fertilizers. Your topsoil can be made more nutrient-rich through compost.

The Role Of Topsoil

Topsoil made through composting not only provides nutrients for plants, but improves the ecosystem in which the plants gather their nutrients from. Soil that is rich in certain forms of bacteria and fungi will make it easier for plants to absorb the nutrients more rapidly.

The Benefits Of Compost

Compost can improve the ability of plants to resist common diseases. Microorganisms aerate the soil and help keep it moist. Aerated soil allows for plants to more easily take up water and nutrients from the soil. This also reduces the risk that the plant will suffer from root rot. Compost can improve the flavor of vegetables resulting from an improvement in the overall quality of the health of the vegetables.

It is true that compost does contain primary and secondary nutrients essential for plant growth, but these nutrients are usually not great enough to sustain the plant. You will need to apply an organic or chemical fertilizer to ensure that your plants have enough nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

Preventing The Spread Of Pathogens

There is a risk that compost can spread pathogens to new plants. This occurs when diseased plants are used to make compost. Any diseased portions of a plant should be destroyed rather than being composted.

Applying Compost

Once you have made compost, it is easy to apply it to the top soil by purchasing compost. You can also make your own compost, but you should consider purchasing it first until you learn how to use it effectively. Before applying the compost, inspect it to make sure that it is ready to be used. It should be dark brown and crumble. It shouldn't smell like ammonia.

Cover the topsoil with a layer of compost. Till the compost into the topsoil. The plants should be planted afterward and you should water the area to ensure that it remains moist. Then, you will have created the foundation for the growth of very healthy plants. For more information, contact a company like Purdy Topsoil & Gravel.


25 April 2016

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