Options For Expanding Your One Car Garage Into A Two Car Garage


Modern homes rarely limit garage space to only one vehicle; most families need a garage that will accommodate two stored vehicles and other items, like holiday decor, that doesn't fit in the house. Expanding your garage is possible, and it will add significant value to your home if you ever choose to sell it -- consumers look for larger garage space. Garages are necessities in areas that get very cold during the winter, as cars have an easier time starting in a garage where it is warmer and more protected. They are also important for keeping your vehicle protected from theft or vandalism. You might wonder how you will manage to expand your garage if you have limited space. Here are some expansion options for you to consider.

1. Adding a second door and extra width.

If your house sits on a wide lot, or if space is not an issue, the most obvious solution is to pour an extension to make your single car garage wider, and add a second door and additional roof. Keeping your original single door can help you to save money on the project, as you can install another single door instead of paying for a double garage door and having to dispose of your old door.

With this option, the exterior side wall of the garage will move outward. It will likely require a building permit from your community. However, some homeowners do not have this option because they don't have enough property to work with. 

2. Adding more space, but keeping a single door.

A less convenient, but often a more feasible option is to expand the garage depth instead of the garage width. So, when both cars are parked, they will be one in front of the other. This is a great option for families with dedicated vehicles. For example, if one parent stays home during the day and another works, the working vehicle would generally be used more and so parked closer to the garage opening. The garage addition would take space from the backyard or front yard, depending on which direction you choose to extend the garage. 

If the "stacking" option for vehicles is too inconvenient, you might consider expanding into the backyard, but moving the door opening to the side and pouring the driveway to allow cars to drive in from the side. 

3. Building an addition. 

If you can't expand your single car garage, it's time to start looking for other places you could build a second garage onto your home. For example, could you add a garage to the other side or the the back of your home that can be accessed from the alley? Having the garages separate is not completely ideal, as it requires more money to build the firewall between the house and the garage, but it does allow you to continue using your current garage while the second is being built. 

4. Building a detached garage. 

Finally, the other option is to build a detached garage somewhere else on your property. Detached garages are not as popular with home buyers, but a second garage is better than no garage at all, as garages statistically help to extend the life of your car and protect it from theft. One pro for choosing this option is that you are not limited by the space around your house or its footprint. You have more flexibility to make it oversized for storage, or to add a shop. 

Adding more garage space can only increase the convenience and value of your house. For quotes on prices and for the logistics of fitting a new garage door, contact a contractor and a garage door supplier in your area or visit websites like http://www.702garagedoors.com.


19 February 2016

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