Plumbing Problems: 3 Solutions to Fix Low Water Pressure


The water pressure of your plumbing system will greatly impact your quality of living at home. Ideally, the water pressure should measure anywhere between 45 to 55 psi—anything lower than 40 psi may result in insufficient water flow to faucets and appliances and anything higher than 80 psi will cause accelerated wear to the plumbing fixtures.

If you live far away from the municipal water supply, the water pressure in your plumbing will tend to be lower. If you have determined that the water pressure is too low, here are 3 potential solutions you should explore.

Inspect the Shut Off Valves

Surprisingly, many homeowners are not aware of the fact that the shut off valves to their water supply must be fully open for the water to flow properly through the plumbing. If the shut off valves are not completely open, low water pressure will be inevitable. The shutoff valves may have been tinkered with if you have just recently purchased a new home, repaired plumbing issues or replaced old plumbing with newer options.

The shut off valves are generally located near the main waterline although you might have to take a look at your home's blueprint to get a better idea. You'd be surprised at just how many homeowners don't realize this mistake before they call in a plumber, who ultimately will have to charge them for simply turning a valve handle. 

Install a Pressure Booster if the City is Delivering at a Low Water Pressure

If the problem does not lie with your plumbing, the low water pressure you are experiencing may be due to the fact that the municipal water supply is delivering water at low pressures. In these situations, the city generally is not going to go out of its way to boost water pressure to your home. Instead, you should highly consider installing a pressure booster system, or, more specifically, a pressure-boosting pump. There are many different types of pressure-boosting pumps that can be installed, but the one that is best for your home will be dependent on the type of heating system that is already installed.

The CT, CT force, RHP, ESP or RSP pumps are generally recommended for gravity-fed heating systems. On the other hand, ESP pumps are generally the best option available for unvented systems. You might have to speak to a plumber in order to determine which pressure-boosting pump may be most suitable and efficient.

Replace Clogged Plumbing or Faucets

Pipes that are worn or corroded will not be capable of delivering water at ideal pressure conditions. If the condition of the pipes is the main cause for low water pressure, you will find that only certain faucets or water lines are affected. If this is the case, the plumber will need to replace the section of plumbing that is responsible for the low water pressure with newer alternatives. On the other hand, if you have determined that only the dynamic water pressure at certain faucets are affected, the problem may be that the faucet aerator is clogged. If this is the case, you can simply clean or replace the faucet that is affected. 

Low water pressure is a common problem that plagues many homeowners; hopefully these tips will give you more insight on your options. If you want to solve this problem once and for all, contact a plumber as soon as possible, and have him or her inspect your plumbing in order to determine what the possible causes may be. Once the problem is solved, you'll see and experience a huge difference in water pressure and possibly your utility bills. 


5 January 2016

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