Features To Consider When You're Installing A New Garage Door

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Your garage doors can do a lot more than just serve as a barrier to your garage. In fact, they can make a true architectural statement if you want them to. In fact, your garage doors don't ever have to be those plain, standard doors that you're accustomed to. With the tips presented here, you'll be able to find the options that work for your home and allow you to make your garage doors stand out in the crowd.

Opt for Wooden Doors

Wooden garage doors add a touch of elegance to your home's garage. They can enhance the appearance of the entire garage exterior, particularly if you have a log-structure garage. If your home and garage have a country feel and style, a wooden garage door is a great way to go. In fact, you can even give your garage door a barn-like style by adding the traditional white crossed beams on the front and painting the door red. Another option that can make your wooden garage door look classy and distinguished is to seal the door with a stain or varnish that's made to protect the door from the hazards of the weather.

Create Style With Hinges

If you like wooden doors but want something truly unique, consider installing hinged garage doors. These doors are designed so that they're split (much like French doors), but they usually attach to the garage with hardened wrought iron hinges. The wrought iron adds an aged, weathered appearance while contributing durability as well. Wrought iron can be treated with rust-resistant paint, so you won't have to worry about the doors suffering weather damage.

Add Arched Doorways

Adding an arched or curved frame above your garage door can really set the style of your garage apart. For even more added style, you can even outline the arch with brick or stone. This is a great way to tie the structure of your garage to your home, particularly if your home has a brick or stone facade or other elements. This is usually done after the door is installed, though, because you need the square frame to put the door in place. Then, the archway can be added atop the door afterward.

Focus on Privacy

Privacy glass is a valuable investment for you garage doors. If you choose doors with glass panes, adding privacy glass keeps people from being able to see into your garage when the door is closed. This can often deter would-be burglars, because they have no way to tell if you are actually home. Privacy glass is usually frosted so that light can enter into the garage while you cannot view in from outside. You can even opt for privacy glass with ultraviolet coatings to protect your car and your garage from harmful sun rays. Stained glass is another good option, though it does provide a visibility barrier from the inside out as well.

Enhance Security

When it comes to keeping prowlers away from your garage, motion-sensor lights are a great investment. You can even find lights that integrate into your door opener system and turn on when you activate the remote. This is convenient, because it ensures that you're able to see even when you come in late at night. Not only does it improve visibility around your garage, but the motion-sensor activation will keep people away at night.

As you can see, there are many things to consider that can enhance the form and function of your garage doors. With the tips presented here, you'll be able to choose the features that are the best fit for your garage. Talk with your garage door supplier today to see how you can implement these things.

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5 November 2015

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