How And Why To Make Your Fireplace The Center Of Your Home

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In homes of yore, the fireplace wasn't a decorative, fancy thing to have in your living room, it was a necessity. It not only provided all of the heat for the home, but it was the cooking center, the backdrop to storytelling, a space to meditate as one watched the flames, and in many other ways, the life of the home. Making your fireplace the center of your home once again can have far reaching benefits for your family. Here's how to make it happen.

Benefits of Meditation and How Fire Helps

Many people have heard of the benefits of spending some time in quiet reflection. If you think it sounds like some new-agey mumbo jumbo,you are dead wrong. Not only is meditation an ancient art, but there is much scientific evidence to back up its benefits. Everything from immune system benefits to reduction in cardiovascular risks is associated with regular meditation. 

Having a fire going makes meditation easier. It gives your mind something to focus on. The heat beating against your face, the way the flames dance, and the smell of a pine log burning all create a sensory experience that helps crowd out the everyday thoughts that try to intrude on your focus. Fire may be a destructive force in nature, but it helps create space in your mind for meditation. 

A fireplace can also serve as a gathering place for your family, away from the distraction of screens. It ought to take one look at one artist's photographs of people with their screens removed from the picture to convince you that the world could use a little less screen time. A fireplace can help you achieve better mental, physical and social health; are you in yet?

So How Does One Remove Distractions?

Hopefully you're convinced that your hearth deserves a place at the center of your home. Now you'll learn how to make it happen.

Start with a decluttering spree. What's on your mantle? Ideally, to reduce distraction, you'll have nothing but a meaningful trinket or two and a family photo. All the other stuff that seems to accumulate there should be removed. It might seem like the perfect setup, but putting your flatscreen on the mantle kind of defeats the purpose. If you have a family room or den, that's a great place for the television. Otherwise, place it in another corner of the room or a bedroom, or just get rid of the thing. 

Next, up: arranging your furniture. Think of how you'd place your sofas and chairs if you were placing them around a television set for optimal viewing angles from every seat. Make sure some of the seats are comfortably across from one another. This not only creates a great place to view the fire from every angle, it also creates the perfect space for conversation. If you're going for extra drama, you can place a chair, rocking chair, or stool close to the fire from which to tell stories. Children love having the fire add emphasis to the tale you're spinning.

Having a fireplace isn't just a status symbol. It gives you the opportunity to create a nurturing, calm, relaxing, healthy atmosphere for yourself and your family. The generations that came before knew the importance of quiet time around the fire, and now you have a chance to reclaim that legacy. So strip the room of everything that could deter you from enjoying your fireplace, gather your friends and family around for a warm drink (hot toddies for the grown-ups and cocoa for the little ones) and let the meditation, relaxation and bonding begin!

If you don't have a fireplace in your home yet, it may be worth it to you to have one installed. Contact local fireplace installation companies to find out if this is a possibility for your home. 


16 October 2015

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