Why It's Essential That You Obtain The Proper Re-Roofing Permit

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If your current roof is in poor condition, you may want to re-roof it as soon as possible. However, there are a number of things you must do before the roofing project begins, including obtaining a re-roofing permit. A re-roofing permit allows you to make improvements on your roof without the risk of fines from the city. Each city or state establishes their own building re-roofing permits and requirements for completing them. Even if your roofing contractor may help you obtain the proper building permit, it's up to you to make sure that you have one. Here's what you may need to do get the re-roofing permit and things you may expect to happen when you do.

Keeps You From Violating Your City's Building Requirements

Cities establish building permits to protect private and public citizens from issues that may occur from improperly constructed and maintained buildings. The permit for your re-roofing project may keep you from violating the building codes established by your city government. For example, if your roof needs a new underlayment and the contractor doesn't install one, you may be at risk for a fine.

Depending on your city, your building permit may list certain things about roofs that your contractor or you should repair immediately, such as a damaged underlayment or missing eaves. In addition, if your city is similar to other locations in the United States, you may need to document the type of roofing repairs you plan to do and materials you plan to use. 

Although it may temporarily interfere with your re-roofing plans, obtaining a building permit for the project may prevent the city from shutting it down before your roofing contractors even begin. However, residential construction project permits may take up to 15 days to obtain, so keep this in mind when you plan and schedule your re-roofing project.

You should understand that the city may come out to the home and inspect each step of your roofing project. A number of states, such as Florida, follow these types of guidelines during major or large home construction projects.

If the city finds anything wrong or incomplete, they may close down the jobsite without further inspection or warnings or until you fix the issue at hand. For instance, a city inspector may:

  • Examine the quality of the contractors' work
  • Make notes of the types of materials your contractors use for the roof
  • Calculate the length of time it takes for the contractors to complete each step of the project

There are several other things you may need to do when you apply for a building permit, including giving the city copies of your project's blueprints and scheduling a pre-inspection of the roof before the contractors start construction. If you have concerns about your permit, or the things required by the city, contact your roofer immediately.

Allows You to Resell Your Home Without Restrictions

A re-roofing permit may benefit you in many other ways. For instance, if you plan to sell your home in the future, the permit allows you to do so without restrictions. Many real estate companies may request to see documentation of any construction work, changes or remodeling you've done on the home before they work with you.

The documentation may protect you during buyer-seller negotiations. A prospective buyer may want to know if you replaced or repaired the roof before they purchase the home from you. Simply stating that you did re-roof the home may not be enough.

The buyer may suggest that you didn't and request that you lower the selling price, so that they can make the repairs themselves. The re-roofing permit may keep you from paying additional money to fix the roof again. 

Now, that you understand the importance of obtaining your re-roofing permit, it's time to get started. You may contact a roofing contractor at a company, such as D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc., for more details about your building permit and re-roofing.


2 July 2015

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