Water Main Break Floods Need Quick Clean-Up


Perhaps, you thought you were safe from flood damage. There isn't a river, creek or large body of water for miles around your home. Yet, suddenly water was gushing into your home, and you were left scrambling for higher ground. That's when you learned that one of the main pipes in your area's aging water infrastructure had burst, sending millions of gallons of waters rushing through your neighborhood. Now, you're left with a flooded basement and a million questions about what to do next.

Get Professional Help

As soon as the flooding has been stopped at the broken water main, you will need to hire a professional service to extract the water from your home and to help you clean-up flood-related damage. Time is of the essence under these circumstances because if stagnant water is left sitting in your home for any length of time, you could end up with a potentially dangerous mold problem, as well as possible structural damage. These flood restoration companies will also:

  • Help you determine what items can be saved and which things will not be salvageable. In many cases, for example, your carpet padding may need to be discarded. 
  • Possibly use infrared cameras and other technology to locate water that could be hidden in your house, such as in your walls or under your flooring. 
  • Clean furniture and other household furnishings. 
  • Clean out any mud or debris that may have been swept into your home. 
  • Employ dehumidifiers and industrial fans to dry out your home. 
  • Look for structural damage caused by the flood waters.

Who Is Responsible For Your Damages

While you may think your city or other local government may take responsibility for the damage wreaked upon your home, you might be surprised. When a water main break in Kalamazoo, Michigan flooded homes, officials said that the city was not responsible for the damages caused by the flood waters. In their eyes, the situation was considered an act of God and so was not a responsibility of the government. And when another water main flood hit Baltimore, Maryland, residents there also discovered that the city would not pay for their damages. 

Residents in Bozemen, Montana also learned that their damages would not be covered by their municipality, but the city did offer some residents $2,000 through a goodwill policy it carries. Unfortunately, flood damage typically costs much more than a few thousand dollars to fix. 

Your Insurance

Unfortunately, there's no good news here, either.  Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover flood damage. And, according to MyFoxTwinCities, if you have flood insurance, it could cover your water damage, but it will not pay for replacing your belongings. 

Time To Call For More Help

If the flood restoration company you hired determined that you have structural damage to your home, you will need to get in call contractors to determine what you will need to do in order to ensure that your home will be fit to live in. You may also need to: 

  • Hire a landscaping professional to help you restore your yard. They may, for example, recommend restoring top soil to your landscaping or removing trees that have been seriously damaged during the floods. 
  • Call your automotive insurance company. If your cars were ruined by the water main break, then you should inform your insurance company. Unlike homeowner insurance policies, auto insurance will cover damages caused by floods. However, if your car was underwater for any period of time, it is likely that the insurance company will total your vehicle.

Unfortunately, a water main break can be very devastating financially. But it is important to act quickly to prevent mold or other structural damage to your home. For more information, contact a company like Central Flood Management Inc.


15 December 2014

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