Chilled Water Air Conditioning--What Is It And Should You Use It?


Are you having commercial air conditioning installed, or looking to upgrade your current system to something new? If so, you should really consider chilled water air conditioning. It has many advantages over traditional air conditioning systems. In fact, it is increasingly being used in commercial buildings, as it is ideally suited for them. However, even private residential homes are starting to install this type of air conditioning. All signs point to it being the future of the air conditioning industry.

If you're considering a chilled waterl air conditioning system, or are curious about what one is, here are the facts you need to know.

1. You Won't Have to Use Chemical Refrigerants

The lack of commercial chemical refrigerants in a chilled water system is better for the environment, and better for the people who use your building. The hazard of the refrigerant leaking and contaminating your building is removed, along with the prospect for an expensive clean up job. It also costs a lot less to refill a system with water than it does to buy new refrigerant chemicals.

Because water is non-corrosive, you will have to repair and/or replace your air conditioning system far less often than if you used cooling chemicals. Water also is more precise in its heating and cooling properties, as it has a definite boiling and freezing point. This makes the temperature in your building much easier to control to a very fine degree.

2. It Is Simple to Operate

Its simplicity means you will spend much less on maintenance. Whenever commercial air conditioning contractors come out to look at your system to tune it up or make repairs, they won't have to spend as much time with it, which will save you money in labor costs. This is always a plus when you're running a business.

In a chilled water system, the water is chilled in a cooling tower. According to, it leaves the tower at about 45 F in most systems. It then circulates throughout the building via a pump. As it circulates, it picks up heat and is gradually warmed. By the time it is too warm to cool the building anymore, it returns to the cooling tower for another cooling session.

Because there is always water moving through the building, there is always water moving through the cooling tower. This ensures a constant supply of chilled water flowing throughout the building, keeping it cool as long as the pump is turned on.

3. It Is Cheaper to Operate Than a Traditional System

One of the big benefits of a chilled water air conditioning system is that it uses far less heat and energy than a traditional system. This means it is less expensive to operate. You will find that you can save quite a bit of money on your cooling costs in the summer when you use a chilled water system.

This savings can increase the financial bottom line of your business and help it prosper. You will also be contributing to the health of the environment by reducing your business's carbon footprint with a more efficient air conditioning unit.


You may not have heard of a chilled water air conditioning system before now. They aren't the standard commercial air conditioning system yet, but they are becoming more popular as more business owners discover their many benefits. Getting one is definitely worth your consideration.

If you are just now getting to the point of putting air conditioning in your building, ask your contractor about a chilled water system. If you already have a system, but it needs to be serviced or replaced, ask if such a system is right for your building. You will be pleasantly surprised by the difference it can make in many different areas of your business.

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5 December 2014

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